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    Heart and Talent

    Fans have got to love the heart this teams plays with. They leave it all on the court. What a nice change compared to standing around on offense and playing lazy zone defense.

    These guys may not be the most talented, but they play hard.

    Taylor - Improving on his control which means fewer turnovers. quick release on the shot and is fun to watch. We needed an outside threat.

    Dunson - solid defensive player and great FT shooter. Will be scoring double figures most games. He is only a freshman.

    Clark - a little lost at times, but playing better D and helps on the boards.

    W. Johnson - Wow! He has another DD tonight. Sometimes you lose track and he ends up with a dozen boards.

    Jiri - he is back on track and bought in to coach's system. His success will keep him focused.

    C. Johnson and Mardsen - will spend the year spelling Jiri. I expected more from CJ, but he will be a contributor in the future when we have a true center.

    Cory M - why does he start? I think he has been a disappointment and Dodie will continue taking more of his minutes.

    Coach Mac - I have no doubt he will maximize the potential of every player he brings in. Not saying they will all be great players, but they will play hard and will be better when they are done.

    Add Thompson, Brackins, Staiger and Garrett while losing Jessan means the future is bright.

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    Re: Heart and Talent

    We could have some nice depth next year. Not sure who will lose minutes, assuming the new guys are as good as advertised. RM may be the odd man out and I don't know if BOTH DD and CM will survive.

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    Re: Heart and Talent

    What a great problem to have.......depth. Feels like we haven't used that word in a while.

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