Broke out the DVDs of these games tonight cause its late February and I've got mad football fever.

Just wrapped up the '07 game...

Totally got jobbed on shada holding Blythe in the endzone in the 1st qtr. That could have lead to a TD and maybe put iowa away by halftime. Shada also got away with another hold in the 4th on a deep route down the middle. Jake was also not called for intentional grounding on the drive that lead to the lead taking FG. Bowen blitzed and nearly sacked him. Christensen blindly threw it away.

Bowen had a solid game and corners were making tackles for short gains. Completely forgot about the 4th qtr field goal block by Lyle. ISU dominated the 1st half, then went in the tank. Kudos to mcfarland for not countering Iowas defensive change from a soft zone.

Bass looked pretty good. Didn't have a ton of yards but ran HARD. ISU took the 2nd half kickoff and i recall thinking at the time if they could score a TD here it would be over. Naturally Myer fumbles on a QB draw.

And the ever-lasting image of klinkenborg running blindly, arms flailing as Bates hauls in the pass. Shaggy puts it right down the center. Man, that last second kick return by the hawks was the scariest thing ever.

well....gotta get back to the '08 game. I was so disgusted by the events of the 3rd qtr in '08 that i haven't re-watched that game till now.