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    Any Stat Freaks Out There?

    I am wondering if anyone knows what the record for double doubles is for a season. WJ already has seven of them, and I can't think of who may have had a bunch in ISU history. Back in the day, there were monster rebound numbers from Dean Uthoff, Bill Cain, Zaid Abdul Aziz, which would give them a shot at a double double every game. How many did Homan or Vroman have? Just curious; I have been high on WJ from day one, and it seems like the sky's the limit for him.

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    Re: Any Stat Freaks Out There?

    It's tough because Double Double's isn't a traditionally recorded stat, so it's not in the record books. However, Bill Cain averaged 21.8 ppg and 13 rpg in '69, and 19 ppg and 15 rpg in '70... So I'm going to guess Bill almost had a double double almost every game.

    As for Homan and Vroman, I was curious, so I looked it up. Unfortunately, I couldn't find something listing their games, so I had to look through all the box scores. So I might have missed one here or there but I don't think I did. If somebody has more accurate information, please let me know.

    In 03-04, Homan had 5 dd's, and Vroman had 10.
    In 04-05, Homan had 3 dd's, and Vroman had 12.
    In 05-06, Homan had 12 dd's, Vroman was in the NBA.

    It should also be noted as well that Vroman was better on the boards than I remember. He had several 14 or 15 rebound games where he only had like 8 points. I know it doesn't count, but the guy was an absolute beast on the boards. he had 20 more than once if I remember correctly.

    But basically, yes, Wesley stacks up very well with these guys so far. Basically he almost has as many as Homan did his Sophomore and Junior years combined.

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