This is kind of an advertorial so if you aren't interested in coming to a car show this weekend I'll save you the time of reading this and tell you to stop.

I don't know if any of you are from the eastern part of the state but the 40th Annual Rod & Custom Car Show is Feb 21&22 in Monticello, IA.(In between Cedar Rapids and Dubuque on HWY 151) I have helped with this show since I was a kid and if you have never been to it you should go. It is a collection of some of the nicest cars, trucks, racecars, and motorcycles in the midwest. It is inside so you don't have to freeze to death. They always have a good selection of vehicles there. But, if import is your thing I wouldn't waste my time coming because they usually have maybe 1 out of 30-40 vehicles. Most of the people that have cars at the show stay there all weekend and are more than willing to talk cars or the story of their vehicle restoration.

The admission is $9.00 but children under 12 are free with an adult.(If they look young enough we don't second guess either) You can bring a canned food item for four oaks to get $1.00 off as well. If you come after 8 PM on Saturday night its date night so your girl gets in for free. There is entertainment for the whole family with a person making balloons for the kids and special guest Paul Krause signing autographs as well. I know he's a Hawkeye but he is a hall of famer and is bringing a sweet bike that he owns. There is also television set up with all of the racing events that are going on over the weekend. There is also a lunch stand as well.

I don't know how many of you are gearheads like I am but I can almost guarantee that if you come or bring your kids to the show you will have a great time. They also have a model car contest with different classes for all ages if that is your thing. Just bring them in on Saturday and bring a dollar to enter. Most everyone that enters a car gets a free AMT model for entering. If you do show up I will be the big younger guy wearing ISU gear working around the show. I have attached a link to the web site for the show.

The Rod & Custom Car Show - Monticello, Iowa