however you spell his name.
I know he is from Marquette and I know Indiana is down, and I will confess to not watching much Big 10 basketball, but I really like the fire and passion this guy is showwing in the Illinois game on now. Lord, I want to suit up and play for him, let alone go to a game of his and scream my guts out for him.
I was and still am a big Larry fan. It is a freaking game, after all. There are those that see college sports as a business (Chizik) or a good ol' boys club (unnamed), but it is just a freaking game and I like to see a coach fired up for his school and young men. Get me a T once in awhile when ref's are screwwing you. Scream. Yell. It's ok.
OK, gotta go to girls game now.