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Win a Year’s Supply of Who the Hell Knows What

By Jill
Name the Stout. Win Beer for a Year.
Veteran Olde Main beer drinkers have come to know and love our To Be Named Later Stout. The rich creamy mouthfeel of delicious flavors derived from roast, chocolate, and caramel malts along with a pronounced hop presence make for a tasty stout.
When we opened in 2004, Jeff “Puff” Irvin had to quickly come up with a bunch of names for the beers he had created. For some reason, the stout stumped him, thus the name To Be Named Later Stout was born. While the name has stuck, we feel it’s high time we gave this brew a proper name! Since we like to spend more time brewing delicious beer, we decided to leave the naming up to our favorite people… Olde Main beer drinkers.
I know what you are thinking, what’s in it for me? Worry not, for you’ll be rewarded for your creative beer-naming abilities. The grand prize winner will get… drum roll please… free Olde Main beer for a year and a big party at Olde Main Brewing Co. & Restaurant in Ames for you and your friends. Most importantly, you’ll earn the right to point to your glass and proudly proclaim “I named that beer!”
The winner of our Name the Stout contest must posses unbridled creativity, an indomitable spirit and, of course, fairly mature taste buds.
Enter your ideas at between February 1 – March 31. Full rules and details will be available on the site on February 1.