Just got done listening to the interviews on cyclones of Rogers and Pelton. I like what I hear out of both of them. Rogers seem to be a real student of the game, having grown up as a coach's son and moved several times because of that. He seems to be very articulate and has a good attitude (talked about the transition for himself at IU when Randle El came in and he transferred). Pelton appears that he must have a very good technical grasp on defensive line, going from only getting one D1 scholarship offer to being an All American at Auburn and an NFL draft pick, in addition to coaching Demarcus Ware and Osi Umenyiora at Troy. It is also nice to see that he was a co defensive coordinator at Troy. It is the guys in roles like these that often go unoticed but are what makes a program. Of course only time will tell and Im making a judgment based on a couple of short interviews and a couple articles.