Okay, I know this isn't a Cyclone sporting event, but I'm pretty much desperate. I need tickets (anywhere between 1 and 4) to a Girl Talk concert. I prefer the one in Des Moines at People's Court on Saturday 1/10, but would certainly be happy with the one at Slowdown in Omaha on Friday 1/9.

I had tickets to the Des Moines show; bought 'em last week, but got a message today saying my money had been refunded and my order canceled. I am absolutely ******. I've been waiting for months to go to this concert, and both shows are sold out. I spent a few hours looking for tickets online this morning, but all I found was one site charging $140-290 per ticket (DM face value was $15, Omaha was $21).

I really, really need secondhand tickets. Lots of folks here live in/near Omaha and Des Moines, so it's worth a shot. Talk to your friends, neighbors, friends' teenage/college kids, whatever. I appreciate it!