Has hard time changing offense when they had open lanes but couldn't finish. Said they had numerous 4-5' shots but it comes down to making the bucket.

Inconsistency attributed to youth. Had great practices but when ball tipped kids tanked.

Need to find way to free up shooters. Other than DG, nobody's game is really taking it to the hoop.

Said guards are maybe trying too hard finding CB. Either they look in too long and he gets doubled, or they don't look quite long enough. Inexperience but he HAS to get the ball.

Sorry - but I'm back on the bandwagon. We are a young team made up of jumpshooters. We have much more athleticism coming next year and our frosh and sophs will be sophs and juniors. Gilstrap will give us a needed dimension. Colvin will give us an added dimension. Hoping Pomlee uses his RS wisely. Loss sucks - NONE of us are used to these kind of losses at Hilton. I still feel better days are ahead with GMac. I do wish the program could fastforward a year...

Merry Christmas to all --- hope you can regain your perspective.