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    Which coaches would you like to see stay around the program??

    I know there is a lot of talk about who the new head coach will be, but I was wondering which assistant coaches people would like kept around to help continue what was started? I know the new coach will bring in some of his own staff, but I would hope he would keep some. Here are mine

    1. Ken Sheppard - I think Coach Shep as done an amazing job with these guys and would like to see him on the staff again next year. The guys seem to love him and I have definately noticed a difference in our speed, strength, and overall athleticism.
    *Would also hope that Becton would stick around with him as well.

    2. Robert McFarland - I think McFarland has done a tremendous job with the O-Line. They were a battered group this year, but it didn't seem to matter, everyone that was listed on the 2-deeps were ready to step in and contribute. I also think he can really recruit the position well. All the guys seem to like him as well, so that could possibly help with easing the transition to the new staff.

    3. Scott Fountain - I think he has done a tremendous job in recruiting and could help to keep the ties we have in FL and TX.

    Just my two cents. I think these guys could really help continue what we have going in terms of athleticism in the locker room. Personally, I think Shep has had the single biggest impact on the program. The guys seem to be more explosive and more physical. Whatever happens, happens. I think a lot of this staff has been hurt by C****k and really do believe in these guys. Hope to hear everyone else's input...

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    Re: Which coaches would you like to see stay around the program??

    Fountain and Pelton... that's it.

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