Has anyone else checked out the wealth of information on cyclones.com under Men's Basketball>Media Guide? I was racking my brain about a long-ago recruiting class, and got sidetracked on all the cool info. Good food for thought/speculation!

Record for turnovers/season= J. Tinsley-156...will M. Taylor catch him?

ISU is 11-28 in games televised by ESPN and 1-6 on ESPN2

There was a thread recently about how steady Jacy Holloway was, and that is evident in his stats: He has 4 of the top 6 assist/turnover ratios in school history!

There is plenty more to discuss, but if you're not a stat junkie, you have probably already dismissed this thread! Sorry for the length and potential statistical dullness factor of this thread.

P.S. I didn't find the trivia answer I was looking for, so if you are a walking ISU MBB encyclopedia, please PM me!