I know everybody is surprised right now, but step back and take a look at this. We lost a coach that was 5-19. We were probably looking at 3 or 4 wins next year tops and all of you people complaining about GC leaving now would have been calling for his firing anyway. If by some miracle we would have been bowl eligible next year with GC, he surely would have been hired away. So, IMO we are losing nothing.
In any event, we are going to have a new coach. One thing is certain, some will like the hiring and some will not. Whoever it is, he'll need our support, not just a bunch of complaints that we could have done better or he isn't good at this or that.
I'll say it again, loyalty needs to go both ways. Many of you bashing GC for improving his situation are calling for JPs head. Let's just take a breath, move on and support our team.