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My disclaimer about what I post regarding the current train wreck...

I've always been upfront with you guys and I've said that first and foremost I'm a fan like anybody else. I don't make a living running this site, it actually costs quite a bit to run. But I say it as I see it and that isn't always going to be in the PR way that you may read from the newspaper. As long as it doesn't hurt ISU's image, I will be honest and open with what I write - but it's just my personal opinion and not Iowa State's and I don't expect everybody to agree with me.

My interests are in helping ISU Athletics with coverage, excitement, fan interaction, season ticket hype, etc. But when somebody from ISU is the center of a major news story, that's not something I can or will twist or spin. Chizik chose to get in this mess by how he has handled the situation and I won't apologize for him, nor do I think anybody should expect me to.

Anything that I post regarding how I feel about the subject is just an opinion like anybody would post, nothing more.

Did I love it when Chizik was hired? Yes

Have I continued to donate to ISU and buy tickets? Yes, more so than ever.

Have I dedicated countless hours and financial resources into running a pro-ISU website? Yes

Do I have the same emotions and feelings as a regular fan? Absolutely