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    That was some of the most exciting and incredible 1st 8 minutes i ever saw

    Lucca was insane, happy to see him get rid of some of the frustration and b.s. he had to put up with...... For the game i thought they sat Lucca too long or was he cramping up? Either way he had open looks in 2nd half but never got the ball. What was the deal with Haluska? Yikes. That shot was butt ugly last night. Maybe, hopefully actually, he is just a slow starter and will heat up as the season goes along. Everyone always mentions how skinny Eik is and the need to bulk up well i also include Hercules Garrett. Some of his drives and rebounds were taken away so easily. I belive he is still sick though isnt he? Brackins obviously needed the ball more but he still missed easy shots and rebounds. Thompson was fanactical on defense and gets the most b.s. calls i ever see a player get. Vanderbeekan was ok but man show a little aggressiveness and try to get a rebound! Petey played a good game, i thought for sure that dead on 3 was going in at the end, even his 2nd one. Im not placing blame or attacking anyone but in my mind i thought what the difference was Haluska's shots and Garretts turnovers and missed close up shots. Oh well THE CLONES ARE GOING TO BEAT IOWA FRIDAY and everything will be fine.

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    Re: That was some of the most exciting and incredible 1st 8 minutes i ever saw

    Can we get all these stupid post-game threads merged into one thread of shame?

    It's getting pretty absurd.

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