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    Wait until next year !

    As much as I hate getting blown out by the Hawks, I did have this marked down as a loss heading into this game. With all of the defections from last years team, we knew this would a long season. I have faith in McDermott to turn this team around next year, and with the recruits he has commited to join the team I think this will happen.

    I really think McDermott is the right man for the Iowa State job, and that we will just have to go thru some growing pains to get to the level we expect.


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    Re: Wait until next year !

    We will be a good team in the next couple of years. I am not so sure about next year though. We will still be too shakey in the backcourt and have no Big Body down low. (Brackins will be young, inexperienced and is more of a 4 man).
    I think if we want to get were we need to be, Brackins needs to be our 4 man with a banger for the 5 spot. If we can get to the point were guys like Hubalek and Marsden are coming off the bench instead of being our only post players I think we will be good. Its almost like football and we don't have an offensive line and running game. That is what having no post play is like.

    I wouldn't be suprised if Dunson is starting over MacIntosh by the end of the year or next. Dunson is good, its just he is young.
    We just have to remember that the players that are good coming in next year are still going to be freshmen. Don't expect too much out of Brackins. I think he is a little bit bigger version of Tyler Smith and Smith will hit the freshman wall here sooner or later. I hope I am wrong and he just dominates though.

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    Re: Wait until next year !

    I too am having to look forward to next year. I think we could see an almost entirely new starting lineup next year. My biggest concern is whether or not Garrett can play point gaurd, because we badly need someone who can play under control.
    Players lost next year: Gray
    New Players Next Year:

    Here's my hopeful projected lineup next year (I realize I may be a bit optimistic in thinking our freshman will bump McIntosh and Taylor from the lineup)
    PG: Garrett, Taylor, McIntosh
    SG: Staiger, Taylor, Dunson, Boozer
    SF: Clark, W.J., Staiger
    PF: W.J., Brackins, C.J.
    C: Brackins, Thompson, Marsden, Hubalek

    I think we'll have the ability to play small (which is the starting lineup I have) or go a bit biger by starting Brackins at PF.

    The year after next we will lose Clark, Hubalek, Taylor, and McIntosh. The only one there I have projected to start is Clark, and W.J. can easily fill his shoes IMO. So far we know we will add Eikmeier, and hopefully someone who will be a good true PG in Buckley. Pick up one more solid big and we are looking really solid that year and into the future.

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    Re: Wait until next year !

    I really think the 5 position in college basketball is very overrated. The game is played at a faster pace than it use to be and while a 5 is nice to have, is not neeeded as much as a PG to win. See Villanova last year.

    That being said this is my starting line up for next year:

    PG: Dunson, he has shown he can D up and hit some big shots. I could very easily see Garrett starting by the time conference season rolls around but to start the season Dunson will be the guy

    SG: Taylor, in a land slide. He is as frustrating as they come, but with a year of Big 12 ball and a summer to shore up some mistakes there is no way that Staiger or Boozer starts of this guy. They are not as athletically gifted

    SF: Clark, this is the most interesting of the bunch. It could be very possible that they move Wes J down to SF, have Thompson play PF, and Brackins playing the other PF positon (we are not going to have a center)

    PF: Wes Johnson but see above. Could be Thompson. Cory J's playing time is only going to get smaller next year IMO. I just don't see him being a Big 12 player. Not tall enough and for being bigger really is not very strong

    PF/C: Brackins. With Jiri and Marsden getting 10 to 15 a game depending on who is playing better. I know people dog Marsden but he is going to give us some good minutes over the next couple years and we would be 7-2 if we had him right now (see loss to Drake)

    There is a lot to look forward to in ISU bball. Next year we will be deep but still lack the top level talent we will need to win consistently. Time is all it is going to take. McD is putting the right pieces of the puzzle together here

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