Keeler: Back remembered for his toughness | | The Des Moines Register

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There are some great quotes from Hiawatha Rutland in today's Keeler article in the Register.
"It's kind of rough transitioning from being in the spotlight to not (being in it)," former Iowa State tailback Hiawatha Rutland said of Stevie Hicks, his ex-teammate who'd passed away Friday after being discovered on a freeway. "I went through that a little bit. After I got injured, I went through a lot of crazy thoughts and stuff, crazy behavior patterns. I don't know what happened."
"He called me one day and said, 'I'm going to Canada ... when I get my new cell phone, I'm going to call you,' " said Rutland, who now lives in New York City. "When I talked to him, he said he was doing all right. We had many good conversations - talking about life, about the next level, about whatever."