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    BCS Playoff--PlayIN

    After looking at the latest rankings, and never having been in favor of a BCS Playoff (where does it end? Someone will always complain. So why should we do it just to satisfy the whiners?), I decided that there is a need for some type of playoff. Rather, a playin, like the NCAA does with basketball.

    It's obvious. Just look at the rankings. The "strays" from the little conferences really need some real competition, which obviously they haven't had through their conference season. So, let them play each other, before they get to a big bowl. And it's really simple, even interregional rivalries.

    Just clean up the "little" conferences, right off the bat. First, Utah and Boise State play. Then Ball State and...Penn State.

    Yep. Let all of the little conferences duke it out.

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    Re: BCS Playoff--PlayIN

    This wouldn't be as bad for football, but I think the play in for bball is a joke. They didn't want to give up an at large, so they made it up. I think the at large bids are extra and shouldn't determine the number of teams in the field. For a small school, though, the play in might be nice, although it shouldn't count toward your NCAA tournament games won total.

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