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Thread: LA Pomlee

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    LA Pomlee

    What is the status of this guy? I never thought he was ever going to be coming to ISU, but there is a status thing on CycloneNation about him again today. It seems like the Rivals and Scout network sites have some news about him every once in a while. Does anybody know if there is even a remote chance to sign this kid?

    I think it would be a great idea because he's local, and it looks like he's god a good frame to fill out to about 230 or 240. We could really use a 240 haas down low this year.

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    Re: LA Pomlee

    This is what I know but it's just from casual conversations with sources...

    He will be out the rest of the season due to a blood clot in his leg, that much is known. He is a Junior and that will be a blow to his recruiting but not too much. He's being recruited by the top schools so it will be a race to see who can get him. I think our chances are still good but I don't know his top 5 or anything like that. I do believe we have as good of chance as anybody, if not a better chance because of location and the interest in our program right now.

    His injury will keep a few schools from offering but not too many since they've already seen him play. It will possibly make some that offer him less interested in pushing for an early decision though. I would think that ISU's chances would increase a bit with all of the variables but I don't know anything officially. I do know that ISU's biggest priorities right now are for one or two "big-men" and Pomlee plays like a bigger built player than he really is. I know Negedu is a priority but I would think Pomlee would be up there as well.

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