Due to the declining price of gas, CodeWeavers is following up on their challenge to Bush that if the price of gas in Minneapolis (their location) goes down below $2.79 a gallon before November 1st, they'll make their products available free for one day.

That day is TODAY.

Codeweavers says cheap gas = free software today - The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW)

Unfortunately, the site is being bombarded at the moment, but there's a link in the article to the "down" version of the CodeWeavers' website allowing you to submit your e-mail address for a serial number, and a few download links for CrossOver, a commonly used application by Mac and Linux users to use Windows applications and games seamlessly on OS X or whatever it is you Linux users use.

Unfortunately, it requires an Intel Mac to run, but that still hasn't stopped me from requesting a serial number to tuck away should I get a new Mac in the future.

But anyway, I thought I'd give all the other Intel Mac users on the board the heads up, should you thirst for the ability to play PC games right on your Mac.