You want a playoff system, this is it.. Texas beats TT, they go to big 12 championship.. win that, NC.. florida/georgia winner goes to SEC champ. for playoff game with alabama.. and then since Penn st doesn't have a conf. champ., Missouri has volunteered to represent them in the playoff system. I love it.. can't wait for those two games.

Also helps that in both games, they all hate each other.. hell, urban meyer wrote about this game against georgia in his book last year.. they'll be fired up to avenge the entire team celebration from last year. And both should have an over/under of around 100. Did anyone see stafford's throw against LSU the first play after moreno's 50 yard run? What a rocket.. about 30 yards in a split second.. too fast for the camera.

Texas- 42
TT- 35

Georgia- 48
Florida- 38