I sent this off after reading this article linked in a CF thread.

Why do you think we can't do any better? Why do you think that TX, OU, NB, CU can only be the big dogs? Why do you think that ISU should settle for 0-8 conf play in 2003 and 1-7 in 2006? Why do you want a cake walk team? Why not root for ISU to be a big dog? It only makes the conference and your schedule better? I see article written as or from: Sour Grapes and A Star Belly Sneetch.


- kerry

This is what I received in response:
Subject: Re: UT mailbag
Date: Tue, 28 Nov 2006 22:35:22 -0600
From: JMcDonald@express-news.net
To: keepngoal@hotmail.com

Re: UT mailbag Kerry:

No slight to Iowa State or anybody else. Things just are what they are. Iowa State is a nice place with great fan support. But, in today's college football world, it isn't what you'd call a "destination job." Nobody -- except I guess Dan McCarney -- goes there thinking this is the place I'm going to stay for the rest of my life.

People use it, or should use it, as a stepping stone. I think that is what Chizik has in mind here.

In the meantime, enjoy him for the time he is there. He ought to improve Iowa State's defense for sure.

Thanks for the comments.


This is what I sent back to his response:

Are you kidding me Mr. MCDonald?

No slight on Iowa State? That is exactly what your article and reply is: slight against ISU. To say sorry after the fact and then continue with what you were sorry for is arrogant and simple. I challenge you to answer the questions I sent versus explaining the way things are in football. Consider the people 230+ years ago who didn't accept what was ... and started what you and I have today. Consider something more relevant to the topic. Kansas State was resurrected during the 1990's and had great success at college FB, the right coach with the right attitude, challenging what was and rocking the boat ...... And so back to the topic: Dan McCarney 1995: "Why not Iowa State". Why no Mr. McDonald?

Or maybe it is best you stay with what you know... Texas and leave the rest of the conference and country to the rest of us wanting, striving, expecting change.

- kerry.

Maybe this is all for not... but the reality is, big programs don't care about college football. They only care that the status quo is maintained.... argh!

- keep.