America's Toughest Jobs
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    America's Toughest Jobs

    Watch American's Toughest Jobs Episodes, Videos, Recaps & Photos | America's Toughest Jobs TV Show | NBC Official Site

    Anyone been following this show? I got into it about the 2nd or 3rd episode and have really enjoyed it. Makes you appreciate your desk job at times, especially last week's logging one. Some of those jobs I'd like to take a crack for fun just to see if they are as tough as they look at but that's the farm boy in me talking. Sandy and Ben strike me as the 2 that will likely make it to the final although every week they all are pretty vulnerable to being eliminated with just 1 big screw up and Sandy and Ben both have been in that position as well.

    If the show has another season I'd like to see them take a crack at a cattle ranch/hog farm or a farm during planting or harvest season. They've done trucking in Alaska so I'd like to see just how patient they can be trying to plant corn in straight rows for hours straight or running a combine from dawn till dusk (or into the night even) plus all the side work that goes with that such as transporting and unloading the harvest.

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    Re: America's Toughest Jobs

    I like the show 'Dirty Jobs' on the Discovery Channel. Mike Rowe is a real hoot.

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    Re: America's Toughest Jobs

    Do they have hosting a coaches call-in show as one of the jobs?

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