I was in town for a few days for the Iowa-Iowa State game and went to a game watch in Bettendorf for the game. Just got this email from the organizer of the game watch and wanted to pass it along if people were interested in helping out.

Hello Cyclone Fans,

I have not contacted you since our first game watch
vs. Iowa and wanted to thank all those who came and
watched the game at Uptown in bettendorf. It was nice having
a place where we dominated the location for once over those pesky Iowa
fans. I hop everyone had a good time and are looking forward to the next
get-together. Thanks to Iowa State for sending me all that Cyclone
Stuff that was raffled off at halftime.

I wanted to get your opinions on the new location, Uptown
Neighborhood Bar and grill. I am looking for any feedback, positive
or negative to take into consideration and bring back to the
owner because he is eager to work with us on it and give us the
best possible place to enjoy the game together. I was pleased that he
basically let me have the run of the place to set up and do whatever I
wanted with the tables and decor. It was basically our place that day!
Food service was slow I know, but he said he will work on that.

I also am looking for about 4-5 people to serve on the leadership
team for this club. Next year, Iowa State will back us even more
with our own club website and other perks. To do this Corey wants
me to put together a team to organize events and I wanted to get a jump
on it while we may be able to meet during this football season.

If you are interested in this, please let me know. I am willing to
head it up but it always helps having a good group to work with
and help make this club even better.

This Saturday--For all of you not going to Ames for the game and Family weekend,
we will have an 'informal' gamewatch at uptown. Gametime is 11:30, so stop up
if you want to watch us try to take out Kansas!

Thanks again and please send me your feedback on the last
game watch and any other questions/concerns you may have for me.

Go Cyclones!

Matt Wood
Game watch Coordinator
Iowa State, Class of 1998