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    We're twittering!

    Hi Fanatic,

    I want to get the word out about a couple new projects we have going on at, and this seems like the best place to start.

    First, we've signed up for Twitter, hoping to use it to get out breaking news on ISU sports. We'll post scoring updates of football, men's and women's basketball and wrestling events, as well as sending out news about recruiting, injuries, lineup changes, all that good stuff. I'm excited because you can have twitter updates sent to your cell phone, so you wouldn't even need to be at a computer to find out when big stuff is going on.

    All the instructions are in this post on our site:
    Go Cyclones - We’re twittering!

    We also started a facebook group hoping it will help us know what fans are looking for in ISU sports coverage. The group is called gocyclones(.com), so if you are on facebook check it out.

    Finally, we've added the "add this" feature to all our stories, hopefully expanded their sharing capabilities. It should be easier now to bookmark, email, link, etc., from the site.

    As always, if you guys have any feedback, let me know! Even if I don't get a chance to respond we always read what people have to say and often determine our coverage based on comments and suggestions.


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    Re: We're twittering!

    Hmmm...should I check it out or not since you've stolen my domain name! I'm the original gocyclones on twitter at Twitter / gocyclones amoung many other on-line places including I'd love to get an email address from some time...

    Matt a.k.a. gocyclones

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