He does a lot of recruiting in Michigan (naturally), but I also noticed a fair amount of recruits from Illinois, New Jersey, Georgia, Florida, and Texas. Also, a lot of his players this year are underclassmen so their program is improving.

They got thumped by Michigan by 24 points which isn't great but is a whole lot better than getting pounded by Kansas by 30 points.

He is only 45 years old. Don't know how big of a coaching tree he should really have at this point, since he has only been a Division IA coach for 3 years now.

When I first heard of Brian Kelly, I had heard he is an excellent X's and O's coach. I was worried about his recruiting. However he seems to be able to attract talent from out of state to the CMU campus which isn't an easy sell. I think he will do okay in Ames, Iowa and may be the right fit and stay here for a while.