Tier One (A list):
Harbaugh A.......Questions about can he bring it to the big stage? Why not ISU. Hard competitor. Relates to players. May be a 3-5 year keeper before he moves to Big Ten. Depends on initial contract.
Patterson A-......Will he leave Texas and recruiting. Knows defense. Needs bigger than TCU money. Will he stay longer than five years.
Bo Pelini A.....Too big for the Big 12? Chance to meet old buddies. Ohio background. Youngster. Driven with ambition.

Tier Two (B List):
Norvell B.........Knows Ames and Big 12, but also knows Callahan. Friend of JP and family. Knows tight ends and scripting plays. Will stay as long as JP stays IMO.
Brewster B+......May not be ready to jump out of pros. Knows tight ends. Classy choice for now. May be comfortable in Denver.

Tier Three (C list):
Brian Kelly C+...Central Michigan is a long ways from Ames, more than San Diego recruiting bed. Very recent good story.
Sherman C+....Needs a good job. This year would be fine. Can do it all - even JP job.
Mark Farley C....Needs a pay raise. Will stay for pay. Will work harder than most. Great effort.
Mike Ditka D+...might scare the recruits.Might scare the alumni.
John Skaldany D-...dependable, known quantity.
Frank Solich D-...The return to the Big 12 from Miami Ohio.
Tom Osborne D-...If Paterno and Bowden can, so can Tom. Teaching ethics and leadership at UNL.