I have not posted yet on last night's football game, but after taking time to reflect on the game itself I have an even greater feeling for the team thasn before. I don't think the coaches could have scripted it any better to build confidence, but at the same time give them plenty ammo to tear down any big ego's if they exist.
The QB debate became clearer as AA did emerge as the front runner. He displayed the poise and leadership needed to lead the team sans mistakes. Bates played well, but lags slightly in the intangibles and passing accuracy required once Big 12 starts. One thing my dad pointed out last night was how AA was meeting players as they came off the field congratulating them, smacked of team leader. And before someone makes this a QB thread, I know we'll see them both next game and may they both play great.
Defensively, while there were breakdowns, they were opportunistic and stingy when it mattered most.
Special teams already looked much improved from any point last year barring one dumb fumble.
But what I am most excited about was they play of all of the underclassmen on the team. 27 underclassmen seeing the field, all playing significant roles. I have not been this excited in many moons for the team. Here's to a fast week and early tailgating for another night game next Saturday! GO CYCLONES!