In the August 11 Sports Illustrated College Football Preview issue there is a great article on the spread offense, execution and defending. Makes me glad we don't play Texas Tech this year, but Mizzou won't be any picnic.

The article talks about making at least 5 reads and progressions all the way down to the tailback as a last resort and it makes you recall the Bret Meyer era where this didn't happen. Could have been a lack of coaching, QB skills, or the fact that he often ran for his life. Moot questions at this point, but it will be interesting to see if our young new QBs show any skill at all on that front tonight. Might be too early to tell, especially for Bates.

The two basic ways to defend the spread were speed and tackling. Pretty simple, but two things we've lacked in the past too. However I think recruiting and coaching in the Chizik era may be improving both of those.

And a last complaint to SI and reason why I dislike the Big 10. We get Ohio State on the cover from a school several states away in a different time zone instead of Mizzou right to the south. Apparently Iowa is considered Big 10 country. Ick.