When you start a new thread on Cyclone Fanatic, you can elect to add a poll to it.

First create your new thread using the New Thread button in your desired forum. Type in the text of your first post. Before clicking Submit New Thread, scroll down to the Post a Poll section (as shown below). Check off the option Yes, post a poll with this thread. If you know how many poll options you will have, you can indicate that at this time. Submit your thread, and then you can add your poll options.

Some useful tips:
  • You will not be able to add your poll until after you have submitted the thread. Conversely, you will not see a poll added to a thread until the original poster is done adding his or her poll.
  • If you are the one who started a thread, you can add a poll after the fact by going to Thread Tools and selecting to Add a Poll to this Thread.
  • You can earn credits by voting in polls.
See the attached poll for an example.