So I'm listening to KXNO and wondered what you would take if you could only choose one, and had to read, watch or listen?

Des Moines Register - Most people seem to have boycotted this paper for many reasons. Personally I only get the Sunday for free through Kum & Go when I get gas. But that's usually for the coupons/ads only or to see what cool pics came out of the ISU victory.

KXNO - Again, most on here seem to hate most of the shows. I don't mind listening to any of them persoally as I take it for what it's worth and I met Jon at the KXNO hackfest last year and he is a fellow EIHC guy when I was at Mid-Prairie. I don't usually listen to any of the shows, but I probably listen to Jon the most.

Sound-Off - I don't hear much about this on here. I actually watch this often in the football and basketball season as I think Murphy and Fales are very funny. I could do without the callers though.

Personally I think I would go with KXNO if I could/had to choose only one. But like most of you I don't pay attention to any of them regularly.

I was just curious as to what you all hate most. And if you have another place you get your sporting news religiously, outside this site, let me have it.