Like most of the best stories about the Michigan-Ohio State rivalry, this one begins with Woody Hayes.
The volatile Buckeyes football coach was on a recruiting trip on the southern fringe of Michigan, exactly where and when is open to question.

“Suddenly his car began to lurch forward and he realized, 'Oh, I'm out of gas,'” said Ohio State's longtime sports-information director, Marv Homan, perhaps sandpapering the rough edges of the coach's language a bit.
Rather than walk to a nearby filling station, the stubborn Hayes refused to give his money to anyone from “that state up north” and he and an assistant pushed the car across the Ohio line before finally getting fuel.
Then there's the 1968 game. With 1:23 left and Ohio State on top 50-14, Hayes had his team go for a two-point conversion.
Asked later why he went for two with such a big lead, he stared at the questioner and said, “Because we couldn't go for THREE!” Now Hayes is long gone, but the game that he injected such energy and, yes, hatred into continues in fine fettle. This Saturday, a team from Michigan will meet one from Ohio State in the 103rd meeting. It's the first time the two teams have been ranked 1-2 in the game.