If your private messages are of a personal or important nature for some reason, you may want to track when they are read by the recipient.

We reviewed in Pt. 2 of the Private Messaging series how to request a Read Receipt when you send a private message. There are two different ways you can track when that receipt is sent back. Both start by clicking the Private Messages link in the upper right.

The first method appears in the Private Messages section of Your Control Panel at left - you can select Track Messages to view all messages you are currently tracking.

You can also simply look at your Folder Controls at the top of your inbox, as shown in the first picture below. This will tell you how many of your tracked messages have been confirmed (0 have been confirmed of 1 outstanding tracked messages, in our example). This link is clickable, so it takes you to the same screen that the above step is (shown in the second picture below).

The confirmation screen will list all messages being tracked, and will indicate whether a message has been tracked or not, as shown below. You can click to the left of the message tracker and delete it when you no longer wish to track it.