So, now you can send a PM and read it. How do you store and organize your saved messages?

CF makes this very easy by allowing you to create folders in which you can store your messages. To create folders, click the Private Messages link in your upper right. Your Control Panel will be displayed at left. Select Edit Folders under the Private Messages section, as shown below.

You will initially be given three folders to name. After you have entered names for these folders and clicked Save Folders, returning to the Edit Folders option will allow you to enter three new folders, and so on.

To move private messages into a folder, go to your Private Message link in the upper left to view all of your Private Messages. Click in the checkbox to the left of the PM you'd like to store, and then scroll to the bottom right of your CF screen. Make sure that the Selected Messages box is set to Move to Folder... and click Go. At the next screen, you can indicate to which folder you wish to move your messages, and then click Move Items.