We've learned how to send private messages over the last several days, but how can you tell if you've received a private message?

One easy way to tell if you have received a private message is that the user notification in the upper right-hand corner of your CF screen will turn yellow, and the link normally reading Private Messages will now say Your Notifications. Click the dropdown to the left of your number of notifications, and select Unread Private Messages from the list (as shown below).

There are additional ways you can be notified when you receive a private message. Go to your User CP in the upper left, and select Edit Options from the list. There are many options under the Private Messaging area:
  • You can elect to enable private messaging, or uncheck it to disable messages.
  • You may select to receive private messages only from your contacts or moderators.
  • If you would like to be e-mailed at your registration address every time you receive a Private Message (a feature I personally use), you can check off to receive e-mail notification of new private messages.
  • You can also have a pop-up box show when you refresh your screen after receiving a private message by selecting to show new private message notification pop-up. Turn this off if you find this intrusive.
Make sure to scroll down and save your changes!