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    White Sox vs. Royals - Man on the Street

    First off, hello cyclone fanatics! I've been a long time vistor of the site and have really enjoyed it. This is my first thread ever on any forum so bear with me.

    I decided to take my nephew to his first major league baseball game on Sunday at Kauffman Stadium here in KC. We got to see a bunch of home runs, hit batters and a brawl. It was a good time...that is until they did a video between innings called Man on the Town ( very similar to Jay Walking on the Leno Show ). They asked a bunch of people what 72 divided by 9 was, and everyone they showed could not get it right. One guy, stating that he was an engineer, really struggled to come up with the answer. Amazed, the interviewer asked the guy what school he went graduated from and sure enough he said Iowa State University. I was so embarrased. My nephew, and Iowa fan (may God have mercy on his soul), laughed so hard everyone around us started to stare.

    I'll give the guy the benefit of the doubt and guess that he had been pounded the brews pretty hard, but that is no excuse to go all EIU in front of the camera. We're better than that.

    There really is no point to the post other than fact that maybe it be mildly amusing to someone other than me.

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    Re: White Sox vs. Royals - Man on the Street

    Wow, even those of us in the College of Lesser Intelligence...I mean Business know that....

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