Yesterday we went over two of the more common ways to send a private message to another user through CycloneFanatic.

You can also use the AutoFill feature to send a message quickly. First click the Private Messages link in the upper right-hand corner of your CF screen. Select Send New Message from the Private Messages section at left (in Your Control Panel). You can now type the name of the user to whom you wish to send a message in the Recipient Username(s) box. You will notice that, as you type in the user's name, CF will provide you a list of all members whose username begins with those letters. As you fill in more of their name, your list will narrow. You can then highlight your desired username to save time.

The PM box looks much like an advanced posting box, allowing smilies, font editing, and more. There are additional Miscellaneous Options at the bottom of the screen:
  • You can request that a user sends you a Read Receipt when they read your PM.
  • As server space only allows for board members to have a finite number of PM's, it is often useful not to save a copy of this message in your Sent Items folder. Uncheck this box to not save a copy.
  • You may elect to show your signature at the bottom of your PM.
  • Links are automatically parsed in your text - uncheck this to have the entire URL show.
  • You can also select to disable smilies in text.
You can opt to Preview Message, or click Submit Message to send it.