We reviewed yesterday how to view the user profile, including the Visitor Messages.

It is very easy to leave a visitor message for another user - simply view their profile (either click on their name in a thread and choose View Profile from the drop-down list or view their name in the Members area). If they allow messages, a box will show up with "Message" and standard font/size editing features. You can simply click in that box and type your message, then hit Post Message to submit your message.

If you have received a visitor message, CF will inform you of this in your Notifications in the upper-right of your screen. You can hit the drop-down and view visitor messages.

It is easy to reply to a visitor message, as well. You can either go to their user profile and leave a message, or simply click View Conversation under the message that they left you. You will be able to view the history of your conversation, and can type in the Message box at the top of the screen - anything entered here will be posted in their Visitor Messages.