The user profile page contains all kinds of information about a user:

  • You can see pictures they've uploaded to the CF Gallery in the Gallery Submission section.
  • Mini-Statistics will display birthday (if the user chooses to show it), join date, and number of posts.
  • Albums will display any photo albums a user has created.
  • You can see to what groups a user belongs by looking in their Group Memberships section.
There is also a paneled section, which includes the Visitor Messages wall. You can view all of a user's messages left by users in this section. You can click on the About Me section to view any personal details shared by that user. On the Statistics tab, you can view all threads or posts by a user. The Friends tab will list all users listed as "buddies" of that user, and the Contact Info tab will allow you to private message a user or leave them a note.