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Thread: Recent Threads

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    Recent Threads

    My default when I come to this site is the Recent Threads summary that pulls together the latest from the site. It turns out do almost all of my reading from that view. It is the most convienent for me because there are so many individual forums to choose from. It ay be different when the football season begins, but I really like the Recent Threads view.

    The problem is that there is so much traffic that it doesn't take long to push stuff off the page. I wonder if the recent threads could have pages associated with it when it gets too long for one page. If that's possible the number of threads could be limited to 24 hours or a couple of days or something like that.

    Just a thought. I really like this message board. It comes close to my ideal for a board. (My ideal is a thread view where hovering on the subject pops up the post and marks it as read. You could zip through stuff really fast that way. But that is a suggestion for another day.)

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    Re: Recent Threads

    I know I would love to have the Recent Threads summary hold about 10 more threads on it or so. Then again, I really have come to love the New Post button more and more since I started using that a few months back on each Forum that I go to.

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