We're changing up the format a little bit for the CF "Did You Know?" - we'll be putting each of these into a thread of their own so that you can ask follow-up questions, and give feedback for future articles.

Many of our members of CF know each other, or are friends on the site. You can see when your "buddies" are online by adding them to your Buddy List.

You can add a member to your Buddy List a few different ways. One way is by going to their profile page and clicking Befriend [username]. You will be asked additionally if you would like a friend request sent to that user - make sure the box is checked off, and click Yes.

You can also click on a user's name when you see it in a thread and click Add [username] To Your Contacts. You will be asked again if you want to also send that person a friend request - check that box, and click Yes.

All users who are on your Buddy List will now show on the left-hand side of your screen in the Buddy List when they are online. You can also see a list of all of your "buddies" by going to your profile page.