Oh yeah, projection thread time! Here is the way this will work in my mind, basically we'll list the three ISU players we expect to see lead in sacks, tackles, and interceptions and the guys we'll expect to see lead the Big 12 in sacks, interceptions, and tackles. I'll subscribe to the thread to see how we all did later on and we can laugh at how poorly I've done.


Tackles: Jesse Smith, 105
Sacks: Kurtis Taylor, 7.5
Interceptions: Allen Bell, 6

Big 12:

Tackles: Joe Mortensen, KU, 137
Sacks: Kurtis Taylor, ISU, Auston English, OU, 7.5
Interceptions: Allen Bell, ISU, Jamar Wall, TT, 6

Couple homer picks in there, and the "reach" pick with Joe Mortensen, I just think that with all the rest of KU's linebackers graduating last year there could be more tackles to go around for him.