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    7/11 Cap City League Games

    The games were much more competitive tonight. So they were fun to watch.

    Diante--nobody in this league can guard him off the dribble. He gets to the rim at will, but he is still not a consistent finisher. His outside shot is still very weak. I am happy that he is much more assertive this summer.

    Boozer--great job tonight. My main complaint about him last year was that he just camped out and waited for someone to pass him the ball so he could shoot a 3. Tonight he attacked the rim and had some nice rebound put backs. I hope he keeps trying to develop his game in this manner.

    Christopherson--I was not too impressed. He seemed to be involved in a lot of turnovers. However he did hit a nice 3 pointer to seal the victory.

    Craig--he was pretty aggressive on the offensive end. He got on a hot streak hitting 3 pointers but then he went cold and kept on lauching them up

    Buckley--knocked down a nice long one and had a good dribble drive. When he is not running the point he is pretty much non-existant out there. Hopefully that is just a product of the cap city league

    Hamilton--no show

    AT--same old same old. I think he has lost too much weight over the off season. He is getting scrawny!

    Pomlee--one of my favorites to watch. He is almost always out of position on both ends of the floor, but he can rip down rebounds and block shots with the best of them. He had the biggest thunder put-back-dunk I have seen all summer. He is no Rashon, but he kind of adds that super-athletic element to the team. I really hope the staff can teach him how to actually use his body and play basketball.

    JVB--didn't seem all that interested to be there tonight. He kind of hung on the perimeter on offense. But he did at least try and guard some people on defense.

    Caveat: I only saw about half of each game tonight.

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    Re: 7/11 Cap City League Games

    Is Diante getting any size to him? When I saw him last year I was concerned that he wasn't ever going to add much weight due to his slight stature and narrow build.

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    Re: 7/11 Cap City League Games

    I think I read something last year where he said all he does is eat but it doesn't go to his body or legs it goes to his feet lol...damn large duck feet haha
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