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    2006-????....New era of athletics

    Amidst all of the commotion surrounding the recent subtraction of DMac from head coach of ISU football, I haven't been able to help myself from becoming giddy from the possibilities that lie ahead for this program, the athletic department's finances, and the fans ourselves.

    Only a short time ago BVD was replaced by a man many of us hadn't heard of. Jamie Pollard came with a solid pedigree, fiscal financial plans, and an aggressive, play to win (as opposed to play not to lose) attitude. Who would've known that he would have to fire three top guns?

    Some people are rubbed the wrong way by Jamie Pollard's progressive plan which has caused the demise of our three biggest money-making athletic programs' coaches. I disagree with those people. Wrestling, basketball, and recently football became stagnant, and we have been lucky enough to have a man in charge that has the testicular fortitude to make changes.

    Cael Sanderson was an absolutely HUGE hire and will almost undoubtedly bring back the prestige and respect that once surrounded Iowa State wrestling. Without batting an eye, I would equate the hiring of Cale to hiring Michael Jordan as a college basketball coach. He has a built in recruiting tool already with his own name, and the dynasty has already begun with the recruiting class he recently brought in.

    Next up, Greg McDermott. While not the sexiest choice on earth at the time, over the past few months he has certainly presented multiple reasons for us fans to get excited. He's a very solid human being, certainly a straight shooter. He recruited Prileou (sp?) and Otzelberger, two of the most respected, up and coming assistants in college basketball, to be a part of something potentially great.

    GMac scrapped together a respectable class for this year, but we're starting to see what fresh blood can do to revive a program. I don't need to list the names of recruits because we all know who they are and that they're damn talented. And they're CERTAINLY not corn-fed, no-talent Iowa boys.

    Dan McCarney resigned today. Yes, it is sad. But it also leads the way to excitement. Based on JP's recent history, we can all count on an exciting, upstart, talented football coach. Not many programs have the ability to totally start out fresh like ISU has. We have suffered for the past few years, and now we have a man in JP that is willing to hold people accountable.

    In the history of Iowa State athletics, donors have never been so willing to pony up the funding to push the athletic department forward as much as now. The majority of people are pumped, with the minority slowly getting on board.

    Wrestling is on the upswing. Basketball is on the upswing. I'm seeing a trend which leads me to believe football is on track as well. This is the beginning of something never seen in the history of Iowa State athletics. The pieces are in place in all areas. We've traded in our pistol whips for rocket launchers.

    Hop on board and enjoy the ride my friends, it will be special.

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    Re: 2006-????....New era of athletics

    It would be nice to get a staff with strong recruiting connections form Texas and Oklahoma.

    Let Prohm's Posse Ride: Hallice, Brady, Stu, Lard, Naz, Deonte, Monte, Matt, Simeon, Jordan, and Babb.

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    Re: 2006-????....New era of athletics

    He better hope all of "his" coaches are able to produce. I think they will but you never know.

    One thing is for sure, Jamie controls his own destiny.

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