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    Gameday story on blind man in Louisville marching band- a Must See

    A Blind Man Gives Vision (A Must-See Video)

    Yesterday I caught Joel Osteen on television telling a story about Patrick Henry Hughes. He was born with crippled limbs and without eyes. Naturally his parents were devastated and wondered what they had done to deserve that. When Patrick was old enough to sit up, they put him on a piano stool and he began to learn the notes. At age two, he was taking requests. By grade school he was playing old standards and by high school he was playing the blues. When he got to college he was an accomplished pianist and trumpet player.

    Recognizing his tremendous gift, the college band director asked Patrick to play in the marching band which entertained thousands at the University of Louisville football games, etc. In order for this happen, his father gave up his day job and worked the graveyard shift at UPS so he could be at every practice and wheel his son in formation, spinning and turning with the rest of the band while his son blew the trumpet with gusto.

    What happened with Patrick is truly amazing, how he developed a gift God gave him that could easily have been missed. What also happened, was that a blind boy inspired vision in his parents. His mother "saw" the potential in him as she taught him piano. His father, instead of mourning the fact they could never play ball together, got a vision to play music together. The band director received vision when he "saw" the gift inside this young man. The gift by the way, was far more than a music ability. As much as anything, it was how Patrick interpreted life. When asked to describe his disabilities, he said, "Not disabilities at all, more abilities." I believe we tend not to see things the way they are but rather we see things the way we are. That should tell you a lot about Patrick and about yourself.

    Watch this video on the Selling Among Wolves blog

    Patrick's example is removing the scales of self-imposed limitations that are blinding countless sighted people from "seeing" and fulfilling their vision. What's inside you? What's holding you back? What's your excuse? Gain some vision from this courageous young man, Patrick Henry, and from his family and begin stepping into the vision God has equipped you best to fulfill. As Helen Keller once said, "The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision." By the way, now when his parents ask God what they did to deserve Patrick Henry, they say it with tears of joy!

    If this story and video helped you at all today, please share it with your friends, family and business associates. Who knows who you might help in the process?

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    Re: Gameday story on blind man in Louisville marching band- a Must See

    I have seen several blind musicians march parades. Usually a director of volunteer will guide them by touch.

    I used to play in a jazz band with blind trumpeter from the Colorado School for the Blind. All he needed was to hear his part played once, and then he could play it by ear. He was getting ready to go to CU Boulder to study to be a music teacher.

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    Re: Gameday story on blind man in Louisville marching band- a Must See

    His family was on Extreme Makeover, Home Edition as well.

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