John-5 is doing a free tour of Guitar Centers playing his solo instrumental stuff. If you don't know the name, he is a phenomenal guitarist. He has played with everybody from David Lee Roth to K.D. Lang. His style covers everything from heavy metal ripping to country chicken-picking to blue grass. He currently plays with Rob Zombie and was with Marilyn Manson (sp?) before that.

I saw him last night in San Diego and it is a phenominal show. I sat five feet away and watched one of the greatest guitarist in the world go absolutely crazy. He does things on the guitar I will never be able to come close to. He doesn't have a band with him so he plugs in his mp3 player and plays over the song, boubling it note for note and he only missed two or three notes the entire night. This is amazing for the kind of music he pays. In between songs he takes questions and chats. At the end of the show he signed anything and everything you requested. Seems to be a good guy.

Anyway, he will be in Vegas tonight, L.A. tomorrow, and SF Friday. You can't beat the price (free) and you get a real good show.