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    Why I think MAC will be gone

    Looking at the team as far as Seniors/Juniors it is obvious that we lose a lot on the OL, Fisher, Brant, Zehr, Stephenson all gone after this year. Not to mention Davis, Flynn, Nickel, Hicks at the skill positions.

    If you were AD, this has to play a large part in the decision of if you let a coach go or not. My point is Meyer and Blythe are going to be back next for their Senior year campaign, and should be the leaders of the team. If ISU wants a change, which I think Pollard would like to make this his last year of disappointing football at Jack Trice, then this year would be the year to let Mac go.

    Next year a new coach would come in with the Offensive tools to work with. I am not saying Arnaud is a bad QB, in fact I am excited for AA b/c he is bigger than Meyer and we may get some more drop back passing in 2 years. But it is a lot easier on a new head coach to move in with the pieces already here, as far as 2 studs in Blythe and Meyer.

    Lets fast forward and say Mac is back next year and we have a dissapointing season again, (very possible with the schedule) now we are looking at replacing him with Meyer, Blythe, Moses, Barkema gone and a new coach would come in with hardly any offensive skill players.

    If the turn around is will be a lot easier to do it with a new coach that can have some success in his first year with a experienced QB and a possible 2nd round draft WR.

    The Defense we may be alright...i like Parker and Mckenzie a lot and they will anchor the D in the next few years.

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    Re: Why I think MAC will be gone

    i buy the argument...

    "That's what I do. I drink, and I know things." - Tyrion Lannister

    "Success is just failure that hasn't happened yet." - life advice from Latrell Spreewell

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    Re: Why I think MAC will be gone

    Here, here.

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