I'm really only half-joking with that thread title. Whatever the reason for WJ's shocking departure (when I first saw the news yesterday, my jaw dropped open and stayed that way for close to half a minute), it really seems that there is some very bad karma for this program and us ISU fans in general. We honestly haven't gotten any good, substantial news for the last three and a half years ever since we made the NCAA tournament in 2005.

I've read the Register articles on the transfer, and as interested as I am in the different opinions on here, I honestly can't take the time to read them all. I'll be very interested to see what Coach McD has to say tomorrow.

One thing regarding WJ; he may be an alright kid still, but I really do think that kids these days (and by kids I mean from mid-20's on down), are a different breed from when I was growing up (and I'm only 33). They need to be coddled and reassured more and told constantly how great they are all the time and at times have a hard time accepting constructive criticism. Not to go off on an academic tangent, but all this ridiculous self-esteem development that happens in schools is really a big issue for developing a bunch of narcissistic, self-centered kids. I beleive in self-esteem, but it needs to be genuinely developed and cultivated, not just by telling some kid he's the greatest kid ever because he can walk 10 feet in a straight line.

Sorry for the soapbox rant, and I'm not saying this is definitely what happened with WJ, but it might be as legitimate as anything. I would really love to hear about Harrison Barnes committing to us tomorrow.