I'll admit I am an uneducated viewer when it comes to freestyle, but I watched what I believe was the National Freestyle championships and can't believe how bizarre some of the rules are.

Two things that I saw that I really don't understand:

1. First period between two former Hawks at a lower weight ended in a zero zero tie. They flip a coin to see who gets to start the overtime in a single-leg advantage position. Said wrestler completed the take down to win the period. Second period again ends in a zero-zero tie. Logic would dictate that the other wrestler should get the advantage to even things out, but they flip the coin again. Same wrestler wins, completes the takedown and is national champ.

2. A few weights higher and wrestler A gets a takedown to go up 1-0. Later in the match wrestler B gets a takedown to tie it, the period ends tied 1-1. Wrestler B wins because they scored the last points.

Both situations seem rather random to me.