An umpire takes a fastball to the jaw; a deadly midair dolphin collision takes center stage at SeaWorld; a "Hills" star opens up about the death of her stepbrother and so we hit up Web search to give us the details on these freak accidents.

We also turn to search for information on a freak occurrence with a good outcome: six Virginia tornadoes but not one death.

These people, however, weren't so lucky. They all died in unusual ways.

In 2005, Lee Seung Seop of Korea died after two days of doing this. Official cause of death: dehydration and heart failure. (How did he die?)

In 2006, the 5-month-old son of Australian model Kerry Lucas died when she forgot to apply the brakes on his stroller. (How did he die?)

In 2008, Judy Kay Zagorski died when one of these flew out of the water and struck her in the face. Official cause of death: severe head trauma from falling backward. (How did she die?)