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    Coaches and money

    Okay so we've all known for a very long time that Mac is known as a "great" recruiter, but not a very good coach.. this isn't news. Others have stated that we don't pay the assistants enough. Along those lines, the problem is we are paying 1+ million dollars for a coach who can't coach very well. It would seem that the smart investment would be to find a head coach who would also, for example, be the offensive coordinator. Such an example would be someone like Loney. Look no further than the Baltimore Ravens as an example. Brian Billick fired his OC and took over the duties and they lit up the Saints who are no longer slouches.

    Its clear the top paying position needs to be someone deeply involved. With the right players, Mac has put in place decent defenses from time to time, but our offense has always been marginal without a decent OC. In a more ideal world, I would love to see another head coach and Mac be our Defensive Coordinator and head recuiter, but that that isn't about to ever happen. Of course I just described the University of Wisconsin a dozen years ago..

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    Re: Coaches and money

    I could argue that Mac's recruiting has fallen off in the past 2 years...

    We are starting to pay for it now in lack of depth, but what about next year and the year after...these "lack of depth" players will be our starters.

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